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Finally Out: REAL TIME [Reinhold Friedl & Dirk Dresselhaus] on BLUME.

3CD-Box with intense duo-soundworks by Dirk Dresselhaus aka TM Schneider and Reinhold Friedl, minimalistic & overwhelming !

Boomkat Review:
*** Rigid box containing 3 CDs with printed plastic dividers ***
Reinhold Friedl (zeitkratzer Ensemble) and Dirk Dresselhaus (Angel, Schneider TM) smack us sideways with this stunning 3CD boxset for Die Schachtel’s promising new sub-label, Blume. Approaching from divergent angles – Friedl uses entirely acoustic instrumentation, Dresselhaus uses electronics – they shape a mass of impurified prepared piano and sheet metal drones driven thru oscillators, spring reverb, modulators and pitch shifters to breathtaking effect. We’ve become very familiar with Friedl’s amazing solo LP, ‘Inside Piano’ over the last few years, and equally return to Dresselhaus’ Angel albums with Pan Sonic’s Ilpo Väisänen on a regular basis, and can safely say that this surpasses either project in terms of scale, focus and impact. Honestly, if you trust us or your instincts, this is an unmissable set for followers of heavy avant-garde noise composition. Can’t wait to fully immerse in this one…


Schneider TM, Julian Kamphausen & Arved Schultze go on research trip to Africa (Mali & Burkina Faso/Lobi Country) in June 2014 to find musicians for an intercultural future project. More info here: BALAFO

Angel – Terra Null.

New Angel album Terra Null. (feat. Ilpo Väisänen, & Dirk Dresselhaus + guest appearances by Hildur Gudnadottir & Lucio Capece) available now via Editions Mego.

Schneider TM – Sound Installation

> Der Nippel Mobilee < is part of Doofe Musik Festival at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt in Berlin from 8th – 11th of May 2014.