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A few years ago I (Michael Beckett, aka kptmichigan) was attempting to strip the paint off of a cheap, cherry red Epiphone SG and annoyed by the slow progress, I decided to see if an angle grinder would speed things up. It did. So much so in fact, that I very quickly had a big dent in the neck of the SG.
This gave birth to the idea that it may be fun to play / destroy a guitar using an angle grinder, so I asked Kassel based film maker Jan Fuchs if he would be up for collaborating. We wanted to keep things as cheap as possible (ie. well under €50) so I built a bariton lap steel guitar out of a woodworm ridden plank and bits and bobs found in the cellar.
The guitar was open tuned and the sound, which afterwards was filtered and processed slightly to bring out the harmonic content, recorded via the pick up only.
The resulting 180 minute film is made up of multiple 12 minute loops which unnoticingly pulsate backwards and forwards, blurring beggining and end and soundtracked by the subdued drone of the angle grinder grinding away at the wood and metal of the lap steel in real time.

Record Store Day 2014

SCHNEIDER TM & MOEBIUS/NEUMEIER/ENGLER – split 12″ available at Bureau B on limited white vinyl !

Schneider TM – 撫平塵暴 – Live at N.K. (FREE DOWNLOAD)

撫平塵暴 (Healing Dust Storm) is an improvised electric guitar – performance which was recorded live on 01.02.2014 at Depopulate 04 (presented by White Fungus & N.K.) at N.K., Berlin.
Dedicated to Georges Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Sun Ra & Sunflower Movement.

For full impact please download FLAC & play at HIGH VOLUME !


Schneider TM goes on research trip to Africa (Mali & Burkina Faso/Lobi Country) in June 2014 to find musicians for an intercultural future project. More info here: BALAFO