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out now : . by kmg

4 long, minimalistic, static and immersive drones made with stringed and tapped instruments.

The Notwist RMX by Schneider TM

This is a Schneider TM remix of the track Run Run Run from The Notwist’s 2014 album Close To The Glass that for some reasons never got officially released…

Out Now : Grenzgänger O.S.T. by Dirk Dresselhaus

This is the download version of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for the film Grenzgänger, an episode for the classic German crime TV series Polizeiruf 110 (Frankfurt Oder) directed by Jakob Ziemnicki. The soundtrack by Dirk Dresselhaus features vocal & cello performances by the Italian musician Munsha and is partly inspired by traditional Chechen folk music, Polish laments, Oriental harmonics aswell as the noisy drone & electronic music that D.D. is also known for as Schneider TM.

Dies ist die Download Version der Filmmusik von Grenzgänger, einer Episode der klassischen Deutschen Krimiserie Polizeiruf 110 (Frankfurt Oder) die von Regisseur Jakob Ziemnicki inszeniert wurde. Die Filmmusik von Dirk Dresselhaus beinhaltet Gesangs- & Cello Beiträge der Italienischen Musikerin Munsha und ist teilweise von traditioneller Tschetschenischer Folksmusik, Polnischen Klageliedern, Orientalischer Harmonielehre und auch der geräuschvollen Drone- und Elektro Musik inspiriert, für die D.D. auch als Schneider TM bekannt ist.


out now on c-90 cassette or pay as you will download.
a collection of tracks and ideas used or made for the animated short, Lucky by kiin animation.
all sounds recorded early 2015 in hillentrup by kptmichigan and giant fox.

Schneider TM – Mobilee (limited CD on KOMPAKT)

5 tracks of varying frequencies & structures looped at unequal lengths to create an eternally shifting system of generative music.

Now available as CD / download at MWM: