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Schneider TM – Mobilee (limited CD on KOMPAKT)

Now available via KOMPAKT :

EXPONATE is a new concept series curated by Wolfgang Voigt with the intention to bring together artists from diverse experimental music backgrounds.
To open up new musical spaces and to sound out the increasingly liquified confines between abstract ambient music and art music, between electronica and new music – that’s the stated goal of EXPONATE.
The new series starts with Berlin-based artist SCHNEIDER TM aka Dirk Dresselhaus, who is well-known for most diverse projects and collaborations across genres since the 1990s.The work at hand MOBILEE is comprised of originally 5 stems with differing lengths, structures and frequency ranges that have been worked into one final composition and keep on shifting against each other, creating a generative system in the process.
MOBILEE was originally conceived for a sound installation in the context of the “Doofe Musik” Festival 2014 at HKW, Berlin, and is constituted of 5 abstracted treatments of one and the same source material. The lengths of the 5 versions vary between approx. 3 and 63 minutes, and cover different frequencies, from lows to highs that are both on the brink of the audible kHz range.
The actual sound mobile was composed of a subwoofer and 4 stereo speakers which were attached to a metal construction at the height of 3,5 meters, hanging freely in the foyer of the HKW between objects from the text of the original piece. By changing their positions in the room, listeners and viewers could set their own sonic priorities, thus themselves intervening in the mix – which in correspondence with the never-repeating musical moments created a situation of potential infinitude…

Now also available as CD / download at MWM:

Schneider TM / Tomoko Nakasato / Takehito Koganezawa – live movie

This is a movie of the Guitar Sounds multimedia performance in full length by Schneider TM, Tomoko Nakasato & Takehito Koganezawa, performed on 22.03.2015 at Roter Salon, Berlin. Filmed & edited by Arata Mori.

Angel – Terra Null.

Angel album Terra Null. (eMEGO 2014) feat. guest appearances by Hildur Gudnadottir & Lucio Capece is now available at MWM:

Back from the future: Locust Fudge

The LOCUST FUDGE albums FLUSH (1993) & ROYAL FLUSH (1995) were re-released as beautiful double-LP package in December 2014 by KAPITÄN PLATTE ! Here are the download versions of the albums aswell as some live material to stream which was recorded & filmed on their first tour since 1996:

MWM SoundCloud

The MirrorWorldMusic SoundCloud is now online to host works in progress, demos etc..

Please check here for some exclusive field recordings of balafon music from Lobi country that were made by Schneider TM during a research trip to Burkina Faso for the BALAFO project: