MirrorWorldMusic is a label, archive, and publishing imprint for diverse idiosyncratic music projects that are linked in some way by their protagonists. The diversity of the stylistic scope, spanning more than 30 years, is unified by an overarching experimental approach and a multi-minded spirit.

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Schneider TM : Frogtoise

The video for Frogtoise.

Angel (dirk dresselhaus/ schneiderTM, ilpo vasäinen/ pansonic) vs live visual art videogeist

Clubtransmediale 2004

This is MWM001, the first release on Dirk Dresselhaus` (aka Schneider TM) and Michael Beckett`s (aka kptmichigan) label MirrorWorldMusic.
The 7“ is a collaboration* between Schneider TM and the long missed Peter Kruger, vocalist of the amazing and more or less forgotten Berlin based Lustfaust (1976 – 1981).
The cover was designed by Mick Larkin who was responsible for a series of Lustfaust tape covers in the late 70`s.

The A side “The girl who cried all the tears from her body”

The 7“ starts off with The girl who cried all the tears from her body which could more or less be termed power ambient.
if that didn`t sound so crap.
A fuzzed out micro molecular (there is sooo much going on there) organic drone rides ontop of a bass heavy pulse (not beat). All in all a very beautiful and oceanic scene for Kruger`s stream of conciousness, completely weirded out but super melodic vocal style.

The AA side “Sweet Divorcee”

Sweet Divorcee is somewhat more conventional. This time around Kruger sings a killer melody (something about coq au vin and sex) over a slighty glitchy almost rock`n`roll stomp.
Backwards guitars, backwards Balafon, forwards Rhodes and a defiantly forwards beat are the backdrop for Kruger`s amazingly intricate and show stealing vocals which seem to be interwoven with something which isn`t actually audible.
Quite uptempo and definately psychedelic.

* Dresselhaus and Beckett met Kruger in early 2003 in Omaha whilst on tour in the U.S.A. supporting The Faint. Kruger, who now lives in Omaha with his wife, had helped Saddle Creek on various occasions in the legal department. The boys get talking and decide to have a smoke and a drink in the TM tourmobile (aka Zion Train) whilst cranking some King Tubby. Schneider TM headed off to the next show and Dirk remained in contact with Kruger (allthough very irregularly) via e-mail. Only when Schneider TM played the I.C.A. in London early 2006 did they actually get to hear Lustfaust for the first time. There they saw and heard Jamie Shovlin`s Beck`s Futures nomination, which it turns out was a retrospective of Lustfaust`s work. A painstakingly pieced together exhibition incuding posters, photos, tape covers etc.etc.

When they got home Dirk and Michael still couldn`t believe how unbelievably good the music was which they had heard at the exhibition and checked out the Lustfaust homepage to listen to some of the music. To their disbelief, there was no Peter Kruger to be heard (for some strange legal reasons) but the music was quite something else. Schneider TM had been thinking about doing collaborations quite a lot over the last few months and thought they should drop Kruger a line. To their surprise he was imediately into the idea but unfortunately, due to the vast amount of miles seperating them they couldn`t work together and Kruger at to do his part at home in Omaha.

And by god were Dirk and Michael surpised and very much excited by what Kruger had managed to pull off.

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