MWM live #1 : The Shape of Minds to Come

Now available at bandcamp as part of the ::: MWM live ::: series :

The Shape of Minds to Come
feat. John Duncan / Chandra Shukla / Schneider TM / Scot Jenerik / Thomas Dimuzio

An exquisitely improvised, uninterrupted pilgrimage through the stations of the mind. Performed & recorded live during The Shape of Minds to Come Tour on May 7th 2023 at The Lab, San Francisco

Live onstage: Chandra Shukla playing sitar and effects. Scot Jenerik playing saz baglama and shortwave with effects. Schneider TM playing guitar, effects, Strega, Lyra 8, objects and vocals. John Duncan with vocals, objects and shortwave. + guest: Thomas Dimuzio playing Buchla 200e and processing.

MWM live #1

This is the second release of two ongoing release series on MirrorWorldMusic that feature recordings of live concerts from around the world (MWM live) as well as unedited rough mixes of live sessions performed and recorded at the studio ZONE in Berlin (MWM rough). The aim is to keep and release the music in its purest form, including all its possible imperfections, so as not to lose the power and spirit of the original performance through any kind of artificial post-production.

The MWM rough and MWM live series are exclusively available as downloads at MirrorWorldMusic bandcamp and later on as streaming on all preferred platforms as well as on occasional physical formats.  By purchasing at MWM, you are directly supporting all involved artists