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LOUIS & BEBE (Joanna Dudley & Schneider TM), live at Sophiensaele, Berlin Dec 2009.

Louis & Bebe (Joanna Dudley & Schneider TM) – audio version now available as download :

LOUIS & BEBE was conceived as a live theatrical performance in 2009 & 2010. The soundtrack features Joanna Dudley and Dirk Dresselhaus from Schneider TM.
LOUIS & BEBE are a maverick musical couple. Joanna Dudley is a long time music theatre performer and diva of Javanese pop and Dirk Dresselhaus has one famed foot in the electro pop scene and the other firmly planted in the world of improvised noise. Together they are LOUIS & BEBE. Whether brother and sister, evil twins or fated lovers; they are two sides of the same coin. LOUIS & BEBE is a journey in 3 chapters, from childhood- The Landing (Reaching for the Red Star Sky), through to the abundant beauty of life in full bloom- The Garden (Portraits of a Zoomorphic Couple) and finally death- The Graveyard (A Night with Two Moons). From human to animal and animal to vegetable, the life lines of LOUIS & BEBE are punctuated by the ringing of bells, the calling of birds and accompanied by their own sound track of song, pop & noise.
This audio version of LOUIS & BEBE is based on a live recording of a performance at Sophiensaele, Berlin in 2009 and was originally produced for the experimental music show ‘Klangkunst’ on Deutschlandradio Kultur.