twTuesday Weld were formed somewhere around 1991 in Sinsheim by kptmichigan (then still known as Michael Beckett), Dirk Kretz, Bob Schätzle and Haggy. Being the times they were, the boys were influenced by Dinosaur, Sebadoh, Hüsker Dü, Notwist (when they still kicked ass) and so forth. Along came a Norwegian Horde known as Motorpsycho (also when they still kicked ass) and made it quite clear that a broader sense of musical taste = better music. It was also a time when the boys starting delving into electronic music, post rock (remember?) and Kraut Rock. All these influneces along with drink, psychedelics and the highly underrated advantage of being young and not giving a fuck gave birth to the first album (Herself) which was released by Micha Meier on his Kalletal based Supermodern Records and Tapes and Bernd Spring`s Augsburger based Dhyana Records in 1996. About a year before Tuesday Weld started hanging out with what was stupidly known as the Ostwestfälische Gitarrenschule (please check here), ie. Hip Young Things, Sharon Stoned, Locust Fudge etc. This would lead to Michael and Dirk becoming members of Sharon Stoned and some time later, Schneider TM.

They released a second album, Starscene 98, which suffered from a crap drum sound (the engineer was off his rocker and the band too stupid to know different) but contained many a great tune. After Haggy was more or less kicked out of the band (of course a mistake in hindsight. A band needs a member to take the piss out of) and Michael became father, the band split in 1999. Which, again in hindsight, was a very cool year to split.


Split 7″ with Algebra 1 (Released 1995 on Can`t Remember)
Tuesday Weld (Herself) (Co-released 1996 on cd and vinyl by Supermodern and Dhyana)
Less Complicated 7″ (Released 1997 on Noiseworks)
Starscene ´98 (Released 1998 on cd and vinyl on Supermodern)
The Process Of Just Forgetting 7″ (Released 1999 on LDJ)

Tuesday Weld (Herself) (MirrorWorldMusic 320kbit Re-Release)

(1996, co released by Supermodern and Dhyana. Physical format available via Supermodern)

Tuesday Weld`s debut album which merges influences ranging from classic Indie rock to Kraut rock, lo-fi and almost dadaesque shenanigans. Recorded by bunch of mentaly deranged southerners at a time when playing guitars wasn`t the coolest thing on the planet to do. They thought they were too late but time would prove them wrong………they were too early.

The full album comes with a “vintage” scan of the original digi pack style cover.