Super Reverb were formed in 2004 after Ken Dyber of Aesthetics asked kptmichigan if he knew anyone he would like to do a collaboration album with. He had been impressed by the second album of a Belgian guy called Köhn (who would soon become a close friend) and thus Super Reverb were born. A band, not a project. The album was recorded in about 4 meetings (the first turned out quite electronic and was consequently scrapped) in Dörentrup, Lippe, Germany, which amounted to something around 20 days total. The second meeting spawned Jack Potatoe and Hey Mr. Rambler which would become their debut 7″ for Earsugar and propelled them into the realms of Rock`nfucking Roll and errrm………Canned Heat. This turning of direction also caused Ken Dyber to loose interest in the release of the full debut album : Avant Garde Is The French Word For Shit (something John Lennon once supposedly said) which was released in 2005 on the then Dublin based label Earsugar.

Super Reverb have managed to play a sum total of two shows to date. One in Belgium (which was more of a freeform affair) and one in Hyeres in the South of France and both quite a while ago.

They plan to have a new album finished by the end of 2008, ready for release in early 2009.


Jack Potatoe b/w Hey Mr. Rambler 7″ single (Released 2005 as part of the Earsugar Jukebox series)
Avant Garde Is The French Word For Shit (Released 2005 on Earsugar, limited edition of 300)

Avant Garde Is The French Word For Shit (MirrorWorldMusic 320kbit Re-Release)

Mark Barton of Losingtoday said :

Here you’ll find a bulging bag of gems with treats for all the family – disconcerting sleepy pop (‘do you want one of these?’), chattering celestial abstract folk pop (as though Animal Collective where on a sabbatical with Sunburned Hand of the Man – ‘Like a Rolling Drone’), psychotropic pop hypnosis (the Sonic Boom homage of the mesmeric mantra ‘Bulgarian Death Drone’ or the gem like lysergic Spacemen 3 psyche blues on the closing ‘This year round there ain’t gonna be no summer’). From the minute the free wheeling abstract off kilter Fall-esque opener ‘Theme from Captain Carrot’ and the curious off balance lazy eyed freak beating wash of ‘Hey Mr Rambler’ veer into view you are immediately put on alert that a strange brew is at work, the haphazard pop matrix is bludgeoned by a wilful sense of black humour that brings with it a decidedly crooked foot print to the proceedings and yet for all that when they do settle down drunken nuggets like ‘Sunday groovy Sunday’ (or the Beefheart meets Zappa meets Zorn curiosity ‘Da Blues’) warm the listening space with an unusual candour that’s both alluring and likewise puzzling. Hand up the back pistol to the head I‘d have to opt for ‘Out comes the sunshine’ as the albums most indicative moment a sly slice of idly ambling pop that mid way through is ripped apart sonic autopsy style leaving both your hi-fi and head shredded from the experience. preview