The psychedelic prankster who along with his fellow cohort kptmichigan was responsible for the legendary Smiths cover version, The Light 3000 (originaly There Is A Light That Never Goes Out). After almost a decade of playing various styles of what was once called Indie Rock (Hip Young Things, Locust Fudge etc. coming soon on MWM) he released his first solo electronic album Moist in 1998 on the Berlin based City Slang label. 2 regular albums followed, the more electronic but already dabbling with songwriting beauty Zoomer (2002) and the dark psychedelic beast Skoda Mluvit (2006). He also relased a split mini L.P. in 2000 with kptmichigan called Binokular (which featured the said Smiths cover version) and a collection of remixes entitled Reconfigures on Earsugar (2004).


SchneiderTM & Lustfaust
This is MWM001, the first release on Dirk Dresselhaus` (aka Schneider TM) and Michael Beckett`s (aka kptmichigan) label MirrorWorldMusic. This 7“ is a collaboration* between Schneider TM and the long missed Peter Kruger, vocalist of the amazing and more or less forgotten Berlin based Lustfaust (1976 – 1981). The cover was designed by Mick Larkin who was responsible for a series of Lustfaust tape covers in the late 70`s. This 7″ is limited to only 500 copies!
Skoda Mluvit (2006, City Slang)
It was a long time coming this one and it turned out to be a right beast. After all sorts of troubled times (i.e. motorbike crash, women and other mishaps) Schneider went quite dark…….but still pop. He also invited quite a lot of fellow freaks (like Hildur Gudnadottir, Max Turner, Ilpo Väisänen, Julia Hummer, Kptmichigan and many more…) to help him along on this strange but beautiful release which is definately not easy listening but very rewarding. Very well crafted pop songs with trace elements of African music, nods to Neil Young, The Velvet Underground and My Bloody Valentine but also peering over the wall to see what the neighbours, Sun Ra and his Arkestra are up to…….and all of this in a very dense, warm and mushroomy (not necessarily the magic ones but in a way very dark and damp) production.
Reconfigures (2004, Earsugar)
As by this point Schneider had become a very popular remix artist, he decided to release a compilation of his favourite ones. Remixes of well known bands such as Lambchop stand side by side with less known ones, such as Alc Levora. And of course all of them by this point clad in the trademark TM rubbery psychedelic funk sound.
Zoomer (2002, City Slang)
Zoomer was the big one. It was released at a time when wearing your indie rock roots on your sleeve (especially in the electronic-context) wasn`t considered a cool thing to do…..but it`s just what Schneider did and it was the best thing he could do. He had left his old life behind and started anew in Berlin, battling it out with the demons of his past…..all of this pretty audible on Zoomer. The album contains some stonkingly good pop songs, dubbed out electronic instrumentals, a strangely organic mutation of hip hop (with Max Turner on vocals), some inspiration from Shuggie Otis’ Inspiration Information and believe it or not, an occasional nod towards The Cure and The Beach Boys. And all of this in a very tasteful, timeless, warm and minimal sound design.
Binokular mini L.p.(2000, City Slang) :
This was a split release with kptmichigan and it features the legendary Smiths cover version. 2 songs by TM, 2 songs by kptmichigan and 2 songs recorded together. This is the release which saw Schneider going back to using vocals. Onnanoko and Dynamike both use, believe it or not, a sample of Tommy Lee`s Mr. On Some Other Shit.
Moist (1998, City Slang) :
Moist was Schneider`s first full length as a solo artist (following the e.p. he released on the now defunct Weilheim based Payola). It caused quite a storm during the late 90`s when being German and playing electronic music was, for some reason or another, cool. There were no computers involved and it was recorded entirely on 4 – track cassette. Warped pop tunes à la Richard D. James (fucking haha) collided with tribal (in the best sense of the word) techno stompers on this ground breaking release.