MWM live #3 : die ANGEL & Günter Schickert

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die ANGEL & Günter Schickert

Live at ZODIAK is a recording of an improvised live set by Ilpo Väisänen’s (Pan sonic) and Dirk Dresselhaus’ (Schneider TM) longterm drone & noise project die ANGEL together with krautrock pioneer Günter Schickert (ZIGURI), which was performed 2021 at HAU 1, HAU Hebbel am Ufer theatre in Berlin during ’Bildet Nischen! Rückkopplungen aus dem Zodiak Free Arts Lab’, a festival thematizing a space for non-hierarchical musical experiments and interdisciplinary exchange that was brought to life in late 1967 by electronic music avant- gardists Conrad SchnitzlerHans-Joachim Roedelius and collaborators. Although the Zodiak Club had only existed for a little over a year, it played a significant role in the development of a style of music that would later be called krautrock by hosting early performances of the likes of Ash Ra TempelTangerine DreamKluster, etc.

MWM live #3

This is the third part of the ongoing MWM live – release series on MirrorWorldMusic that features live recordings of diverse projects and bands from around the world. MWM live and MWM rough, another series featuring instant recordings and mixes from the studio ZONE, are exclusively available as downloads at MirrorWorldMusic bandcamp and later on as streaming on all preferred platforms as well as on occasional physical formats.  By purchasing at MWM, you are directly supporting all involved artists

die ANGEL at MWM