GIRLS : Tell The Drummer I Still Love Her

“Tell The Drummer I Still Love Her” (LP & download out on IZBIT IN ZID Records bandcamp)

Record Release Concert 02.03.2020 @ Roter Salon / Volksbühne Berlin

GIRLS is the band of Zeitkratzer drummer Maurice de Martin and the actress and performer Susanne Sachsse with Dirk Dresselhaus alias Schneider TM and Hillary Jeffrey. GIRLS is also the reincarnation of a southern Bavarian “International Ladies Show Band”, founded in 1967 by Anny de Martin, the mother of Maurice de Martin. The band broke up when Anny died in 1971 and was quickly forgotten. In fact, the formation was exceptional in several ways: a band made up entirely of female members who composed themselves was something very rare at the time. To do this, they played an experimental music knitted from loops and patterns beyond the classic rock / pop song structures, which is now commonly referred to as “Krautrock” and influenced a whole generation of musicians from David Bowie to Brian Eno. Maurice de Martin catapults his family history into the present with a new cast and reinterprets his mother’s legacy and work.