dear all,
as some of you may know, we are in salvador da bahia, brasil at the moment. today (saturday, 28th march) is our day off from the gargantuan task of hammering out an album and preparing a 75 minute show in 10 days with musicians (photo bellow….hehehe) we met 5 days ago.

being the middle european dickheads we are, we decided to take a walk to the, supposedly very pitoresque old part of town. little did we know that the route would lead us along the edge of the beautiful little favella (photo bellow) we can see from our balcony. armed with a digital camera, iphone, plenty of money, luckily a pack of smokes and looking like a pair of amateur hunter s. thompsons, we hit the road. the heat was bordering on psychedelic and the shitstinking, delapidated, dodgy tunnel we had to pass through obviously failed to warn us. so did the first almost friendly favella dweller we came across, who bummed a smoke and as we now know, tried to warn us not to go further.

we carried on………
……….the heat was way intense and blinding white.

after 200 meters the next guy wanted more than a smoke. he wanted the whole bloody pack which i happily gave him. he also told us to gitouttatown, which we promptly did, too freaked to yet be scared but only after having our picture taken with this tropical, brown toothed robin hood (with the iphone, obviously). this all happened about 3 hours ago. we`re now holed up in our appartment, happily contemplating the chance to finally see the sunset from our balcony…….armed with spliff and beer. basically a bit shook up but we`ll get over it. the whole story sounds kind of lame in a way but i guess we`ll never know if it was or not.

it was way too hot anyways.

bellow you can see a crap photo of the lovely evening view from our balcony and read our little poem; dictated to us by the passing clouds whilst sat on said balcony.

we laughed tears.

take care,

marshall vs. fender

cosmic marshall shark in the sky,
sucking the pig`s browneye,
fluffly little ottifants,
kissing the brow of satan,
waving all the ships goodbye

favellla bucht