kptmBritish on paper, confused by nature. Kptmichigan, then known as Michael Beckett, had been messing around with the drone/noise/songs idea for quite a while, in his NEU! meets Dinosaur Jr. indie rock band Tuesday Weld, aswell as on his own with a 4 track cassette recorder and an array of cheap instruments. After Tuesday Weld split in 1999, he started messing around with a sequenzer and a sampler and recorded what would become his first solo full length : Hey Love (for Trim, an offshoot of the amazing (Kraak)3). He has released 3 albums under the name of kptmichigan : Hey Love in 2000, Player, Player in 2003 and the eponymously titled kptmichigan in 2004. All albums vary quite heavily in style but are all linked by a very organic and minimal sound design, a distinct style of harmonics and soft spot for the drone.


10 Self-Modulating Loops Made Whilst Fasting (2009, MirrorWorldMusic)
10_loopsOnly guitar pedals, a digital multi effects unit and a small mixing desk were used on this recording.
No instruments. Straight to a regular Sony stereo cassette deck.As the title states, and the sound suggests, recorded during a period of fasting (a medical form of not eating). The gear was literally plugged into itself, enabling the set-up to generate feedbacks, drones, rhythms and so forth without the aid of a single sound source. Due to the nature of the set up, the resulting sound would be a loop(i.e. the flow of electricity).The loops were adjusted by hand but once found, they were on their own.The rec button was pressed and the kpt would leave his isolationist pod, mostly to urinate (happens often whilst fasting due to the huge amounts of water consumed). On arriving back in the pod he would either press stop or maybe turn off the pedals one by one. Due to the instability of the electric current in the pod, the loops would modulate themselves. On the last day of fasting, the loops were transfered to computer, the best chosen and mastered a few days after.

Kptmichigan (2004, Aesthetics)
Bascially the album nobody understood / understands and believe it or not, the POP album. Harsh noise scapes go hand in hand with vocodered Beatles songs, droneathons stand next to warped pop designs andonandonandon. Sounding almost as if tracks from Hey Love were being covered by a „conventional“ band…..basically coming full circle. Processed and unprocessed vocals, blasts of punk, kraut and folk and all completely mangled into oblivion, dubbed and droned out but still pop pop pop. Not quite as minimal sounding as the other albums but more a of a sort of hidden minimalism……if you get the drift. Recorded on an 800mhz P.C.

Player, Player (2003, Aesthetics)
An almost concept album which wanted to do away with the super clean, hi-end aesthetics of most contemperary electronic releases………and did. Very minimal, dubby and noisy and at times very fragile, beautiful and fucked up, this album finishes with kptmichigan rediscovering his voice on Hey Brother. The first „song“ he`d had written in about 5 years which was a protest song long before they became en vogue again and scarily predicted where America and the world was heading. It was also to show where he was about to go on the next album. Recorded on a 400mhz P.C.

Binokular mini L.p.(2000, City Slang)
This was a split release with Schneider TM and it features the legendary Smiths cover version which, contrary to what most people believe, is TM AND kpt, not just a TM solo track). 2 songs by TM, 2 songs by kptmichigan and 2 songs recorded together. Onnanoko and Dynamike both use, believe it or not, a sample of Tommy Lee`s Mr. On Some Other Shit.

Hey Love (2000, Trim / KRAAK)
originaly released on vinyl only, MirrorWorldMusic presents the digital version. Happily in love and a first time round dad helped this blissed out……hmmmm….maybe ¿dub techno? release come into being. There are straight bass drums, lush drones and lots of pop on this rather beautiful “heavy weed smoker becomes dad for the first time“ album. And it closes with Sister Re.i, a noisy drone stomper which paves the way for Player, Player. Recorded on 4-track mini-disc.