kptmichigan and son formed around 7 years ago in dörentrup, germany but split due to musical differences. when in mourillon, a suburb of toulon in the south of france in the summer of 2007, they swept aside their old clinch and kicked out the jams. recorded in france, denmark and germany these 8 tracks are drenched with musical genius. fieldrecordings of cicadas and underprivilaged children, pianos played with 4 hands, sleep depravation (sergej), gallons of red wine, a beautiful mother and lover and too much hash (michael) mixed with a bout of sheer joy and happiness make this a complete no bollocks affair.


Home/Away (2009, Someone Else`s Tapes/ MWM)
Recorded and mixed on and off within a timespan of one and a half years around europe. The harware release comes in tape format via the kind folks at Someone Else`s Tapes…the software via MWM for FREE. Dad Rock this isn`t.