When the Hip Young Things started out in Bielefeld, West-Germany in 1988, their manifesto was that all members weren’t allowed to play any instrument that they’d played before. Ex-psychobilly upright-bassist Edgar Winterhoff changed to electric bass guitar at their first rehearsal, Schneider (a.k.a. Dirk Dresselhaus) swapped from drums to guitar & vocal, bassist Gumbo Botanik (a.k.a. Thorsten Abel) did the same, chanteuse Brit Bordeaux (a.k.a. Britta Hamann) never sang before and everyone just vaguely connected to the rock-scene might have heard about that weird phenomena concerning drummers… The first H.Y.T. lineup split up in 1990 and they continued without chanteuse and with a new drummer named Oli Paroli (a.k.a. Olaf Arndt), who later renamed himself to O-Love, cause he thought that his previous nickname was a bit too ludicrous. After supporting The Walkabouts on their european tour in 1991, Glitterhouse Records became interested in the H.Y.T. and finally signed them and let them record their first album Deflowered. During the following years they played many live-shows (w/ Pond, Rein Sanction, The Ramones, Tuesday Weld, Beck, Subway Surfers, The Cramps, The Blues Explosion and many others…) and recorded 2 more albums (Shrug, 1994 & Ventilator, 1996) + 1 acoustic e.p. (Root’n Varies, 1993). Due to musical and personal differences they split up in 1997 and Schneider started to spend more time on his electronic solo-project Schneider TM whilst Gumbo, Edgar & O-Love continued playing together in their new band Slip for a while.


Deflowered (Released 1992 on Glitterhouse)
Root n Varies (Acoustic e.p. released in 1993 on Glitterhouse)
Shrug (Released 1994 on Glitterhouse)
Ventilator (Released 1996 on Glitterhouse)

Hip Young Things : Shrug (MirrorWorldMusic 320kbit Re-Release)

(1994, Glitterhouse)

Hip Young Things` second and their first self produced album was released on Glitterhouse Records in September 1994 and recorded during the summer of that same year, straight after the band & their engineer Sascha Unversucht had almost finished building the Firehouse Studio during the last 3 months. Explaining why many tools such as a power drill, compressor, accumulator screwdriver and so forth can be heard on the record.
The studio remained unfinished.
The band split up about 16 times during the recording process due to the fact that they all wanted to play different kinds of music. These circumstances had a profound effect on the album….a freaky kind of experimental-freeform-noise-folk-close-to-collapse-indierock-pop accidently evolved from the tense situation. As always, a pain in the arse in the making but a treat for the listener.
Guest appearances can be heard by Markus & Micha Acher of The Notwist, who Schneider met during the Family Affair Tour in spring 1994 and the mighty Volker Backes, old friend and member of The Locust Fudge Band & Me In The Rye.